Neophyte witness: Courtney McKernan

CourtneyHi. My name is Courtney McKernan. I am a senior at DuPont Manual High School. Growing up, I attended Catholic school but was an active member of the Presbyterian Church. I joined my peers in preparation for the Catholic sacraments at school. I was confirmed in the Presbyterian faith but it never felt like the right fit for me. Church going didn’t really have a meaning to me. I felt as if I was just going through the motions and not really experiencing God.

The day I found Epiphany has been a turning point in my faith journey. I attended Epiphany for about a year before returning to the Presbyterian Church. After returning to the Presbyterian Church, I realized how much better my worship experience had been at Epiphany. I joined the RCIA process and my life has been changed by my journey this past year.

Ministry: RCIA

Movietime: Review of Gandhi

GandhiMovietime: Review of Gandhi

By Charlene Kline

If you are like me, television viewing sometimes seems like an endless series of same commercials, interspersed with brief moments of mediocre programming. As a result, I, like you, resort to movie viewing.

One recent rental was among the best I have ever seen. Gandhi. This film is so in keeping with our Lenten theme of nonviolence, but that was not my intention in renting it. It has been in my Netflix queue for months, maybe years. It was only by chance that it bobbed to the head of the lineup, and I viewed it recently.

A 1983 British film, it garnered eight Academy Awards. It is a long film—two evenings of viewing required. Ben Kingsley’s performance as Gandhi, the supremely intelligent Oxford-educated attorney who espoused non-violence as a way to end British rule of India, is one of the finest performances in movie history. That is saying a lot.

You can help feed the hungry: Plant a Row!

Plant a Row logoEpiphany's Hunger and Poverty Committee is once again sponsoring our Garden for the Poor and the Plant a Row (PAR) for the Hungry program. This weekend, May 14-15 2011, we will hand out row markers, brochures, and plants after each of the weekend liturgies, so that you can participate in your own garden...even if that's just one tomato plant in a bucket! Look for Ev and Dianne Scheer outside the Gathering Area to get your PAR materials and tomato plants, and then take a stroll down to our parish garden (located behind the lighthouse.)

Needed Items for Churchill Downs

Neophyte witness: Brian Owens

Brian OwensGood morning Epiphany,

My name is Brian Owens. I have been a member here at Epiphany for about 1 year. And I can say that ever since I walked in the doors of Epiphany I was moved by the spirit of this community. This led me into starting the RCIA process.
Since I was young, I never had a strong Church background. I mean sure, I’ve been to church in those days but only on special occasions. I always had this curiosity about spirituality and Jesus Christ but never took that next step to get to know him. I just knew that Jesus Christ was “good” and the devil was not a cool person.

After going through the RCIA process, it grew my full understanding of the Christian faith through Catholicism. My heart and love grew more and more toward Jesus and I feel like now I have a special relationship with him. I have gained trust in his guidance and passion for my life.

Ministry: RCIA

Neophyte witness: Judy Holtman

Judy HolmanI’m Judy Holtman and have attended church at Epiphany since l987. My family has undergone tragedy beginning in 2004 with my son David being killed in an auto accident, followed by my daughter Laura being hospitalized for severe depression and anorexia, then the month she is discharged, my husband Jim was diagnosed with leukemia and died the following year 2007.

Last fall, God spoke to my heart and I felt the need for a more permanent spiritual connection with the church. I received an email stating when God takes something from your grasp he’s not punishing you but merely opening your hand to receive something different. The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.

I feel that God directed me back to Epiphany after checking other churches in the area. This resulted in my joining the RCIA group along with the wonderful sponsors. Debbie King has been a true support for me through this journey. This whole experience has helped deepen my faith which was shaken by the deaths and illnesses in my family.

Ministry: RCIA

Reflections on Sunday’s Mass: May 15, 2011

Good ShepherdEaster Season 2011: Rekindling the Fire…Spreading the Spirit!

This is the Fourth Sunday of Easter. We live the resurrection by being attentive to the Spirit in our midst, and nurturing the resurrection life that is emerging in and among us. We stay close to Christ for the abundant life he wishes to give us, but Jesus can only be our guide if we are familiar enough with his “voice” so that we can follow. How do we come to recognize the voice of the true Shepherd, among all the contrary and competing voices vying for our attention? How do we recognize the movement of the Spirit in and among us?

  • Acts 2: 14a &36-41. You will receive the Holy Spirit. Baptism incorporates us into the body of Christ and brings the gift of the Spirit.
  • 1 Peter 2: 20b-25. You were brought back by the true shepherd – we don’t go anyplace that Christ hasn’t gone before us.
  • Jn 10: 1-10. I am the gate by which the sheep enter to full life. The sheep hear and recognize the voice of the shepherd.

Neophyte witness: Lana Watson

LanaHello. My name is Lana Watson. Many of you know me or have seen me during 9 am Sunday services running after my son during the liturgy. I have been a member of Epiphany for 2 years now.

I was born, baptized and raised in Bosnia in a Catholic family but did not attend church much due to various reasons. It is as an adult when I started questioning:” were do I go from here?” and “what religious base should I provide to my children?” My husband is Baptist and does not attend church and I felt alone and shy to just go into a church and start attending. My parents also raised a question about the Baptism of my daughter. The Catholic Church is the only church I have ever known but I was always “uncomfortable” in the Catholic Church back home. It was unfamiliar and scary. A friend of mine, Kim, recommended Epiphany, a church with wonderful views and fantastic liturgies. I had an epiphany when I saw Epiphany! I finally found what I was looking for all this time.

Ministry: RCIA

Spiritual Practices: Week of May 8, 2011

Spirit HeartEaster, 2011: Rekindling the Fire…Spreading the Spirit!

Third Week of Easter: May 8-14, 2011

We live the resurrection by being attentive to the Spirit in our midst, and nurturing the resurrection life that is emerging in and among us. Do we recognize “our hearts burning within us” when meet a companion on our path? Do we recognize Christ present in “in the breaking of the bread,” in the Word, in the Sacrament, in each other? How can we help ourselves to be open to the Spirit’s illuminating fire?

Spiritual Practice:

Neophyte witness: Carl Glass

Carl GlassThe Journey Home

By: Carl Glass - Easter 2011

Hi, I am Carl Glass. I grew up in Shepherdsville, KY in a family with two younger siblings. From early on I was interested in God and religion. My family, although members of The Church of Christ, did not attend church regularly or become part of a faith based community. I went to church whenever the opportunity presented itself. A cousin or a friend would invite me along, and to church I went. When I went to High School, a new friend of mine invited me to attend Mass with her and her family. I went with them on a Saturday evening to St. Francis Xavier in Mt. Washington. There I felt something I had not felt at the churches I had gone to before. I knew that Roman Catholicism offered me something none of the others could or would, the presence of the Spirit in the Mass. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I began to read and watch anything I could find on Catholicism.

Ministry: RCIA