Lenten ideas: week 6

easter eggsThe following is an article authored by Sister Janet Schaeffler and is used with her permission.
We will be posting her ideas for lent weekly throughout lent. 
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The final leg of our journey. 
What will you have to celebrate Easter Sunday?

Become involved in a parish activity that ministers to others.

Incorporate moments of silence into your daily routine – moments of silence for prayer: a silent moment at your desk before beginning work, while sitting at a park bench during lunch, in your car before starting the drive home, after the evening news. 

Honduras Report 2012

Honduras logoWhat’s going on in Honduras?

The Epiphany Visitation to Divine Mercy Catholic Community: March 9-18, 2012

Six Epiphany Members made up the team: Steve Feldman, Mike Fitzgerald, Marina Holt, Sister Larraine Lauter, Kathy Thistleton, Rosemary Smith. (March 2-9: Mike, Kathy and Larraine worked with a team from Benedictine College, Atchison KS on behalf of Water With Blessings.) As usual, we relied on the hospitality of the Conventual Franciscan Friars of a nearby parish, San Maximiliano Kolbe. Our most important objective was to deepen our sense of solidarity through the sharing of our faith and life experiences. Each day, we traveled about 10 minutes to Divine Mercy with our companion driver Sebastian Hernandez to work with members there on a variety of projects. Evenings, we gathered for dinner, conversation and prayer—and hot card games!

Lenten ideas: week 5

The following is an article authored by Sister Janet Schaeffler and is used with her permission.
We will be posting her ideas for lent weekly throughout lent. 
To see the entire article use the link below:

Lent Week 5, More ideas that you might try.

Give your place  in the supermarket line to a mother with restless little kids.

Make a list of When It all Worked out Well. Think of when you worried, when things looked disastrous. But make a list of when things word out well. Give thanks to God. 


Holy Week

NOTE: No 5:30pm Mass on Holy Saturday (April 7)

March 31 – April 1, 2012: Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

  • At all three weekend masses, participate in the procession, carry symbols or participate as a liturgical dancer. Sign up online or call the office.
  • Anchorage Covenant Churches, Way of the Cross. Sunday, April 1, 2012, 4:00 PM at the Anchorage Trail (if raining, at Epiphany).

April 2, 2012: Monday of Holy Week

  • Rosary Prayer, 5:00 PM in the chapel.
Ministry: Worship

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: April 1, 2012

Lent logoThis Sunday is Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. Now we come to the final act of God’s proclaimed solidarity with us, the time of testing. Will God, walking among us as one of us, walk all the way to our death? Will God walk our path of weakness and vulnerability? Will God share in our bewilderment and pain in the face of the powers of death, in the grip of the powers that be of this world? Will God really become one of the little and least, sacrificed to a false god of power and domination? God’s solidarity with our human condition is completely realized in Jesus’ passion and death – and becomes the passage to fullness of life.

Honduras Mission Team Update


Como se llama - what is your name? This type of dialogue and many other words and phrases were learned with exchange between our cooks, bus driver, delegates, and Mission team members. This was an enriching, bonding, and unifying experience.

While all the language sharing was going on, others were busy setting up the computer lab.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: March 25, 2012

Lent LogoThis is the Fifth Sunday of Lent. In the preceding weeks of Lent, we have reviewed the original covenant that God made in solidarity with the people of ancient Israel—a covenant that identified them as a people called apart from the powers of sin and death that defined so much of the world around them. Now we turn to God’s hopeful promise for a new covenant. God plans to draw so close to us that this covenant will be written on our hearts, face to face with us in our humanity—but to do this, God will have to embrace and confront the final reality of our human existence, the power of death. There will be no doing this half-way.

Lenten ideas: week 4

The following is an article authored by Sister Janet Schaeffler and is used with her permission.
We will be posting her ideas for lent weekly throughout lent. 
To see the entire article use the link below:

We are half way through our lenten journey.

Have you made the world a better place.

More ideas:

Consider who might be the last person you would leave any materials or resources to if you were to die today. Then spend at least ten minutes in prayer for that person. 

Pass it on.  Recall one person, now deceased, who was instrumental in your early formation. Choose one specific way you can pass on to another the gift that person gave to you. 

Letter from 10% Recipient in El Salvador

This beautiful letter and photo was received from one of our 10 percent recipents:

 Dear Sr. Larraine and the Church of the Epiphany,

Saludos from El Salvador!  I hope this New Year has gotten off to a good start for your parish.  May God bless you and all of the ministries you provide at the service of building the reign of God.

May God also bless you for your very generous support of Maryknoll Lay Missions.  As people say here, Dios se lo va a pagar. (God will recompense you.)  As fellow members of the universal Church, we are all called to participate in Christ’s mission of proclaiming the Word of God with our words and with our lives.  This sense of mission can be manifested in many different ways, and for Maryknoll Lay Missioners, it means living and working in some of the most impoverished communities throughout the developing world.

Ministry: Ten Percent

Hello from Honduras

Greetings from Honduras to all our friends and family!

We've been having a full and exciting week here in San Maximiliano Kolbe Parish.  This first week is focused on implementing the Water With Blessings ministry in St. Max.  Kristen, Joy, Paulina and Dennis, from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, are the mission partners who are just beginning a relationship with this Honduran community.  The rest of the team, Kathy, Jim, Mike, Caisey and Larraine, are here as support on behalf of Water With Blessings. 

We got started last Friday, just a few hours after arriving, with orientation sessions for parish leadership and ministry coordinators.  Our first of six formation sessions began on Sunday afternoon, to accommodate working mothers.  Since then we have held one or two of the three hour sessions each day.

We begin each morning with prayer around the breakfast table, sharing our personal goals and intentions for the day.  At the end of the day, we gather for shared reflection on our day.  We are a very diverse group, but find ourselves connecting at a deep level--but with lots of laughter as well.  Each person brings a unique personal gift that enriches our group--a beautiful collection of charisms. 

 Each mission team member quickly found his or her niche--organizing the sessions and keeping records, videography and photography, cuddling babies and entertaining the kids, cooking and doing laundry for the team, shopping--and washing 150 buckets caked with frosting!  It's been especially nice to be doing the formation sessions here in the same building where we stay.