Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: August 24, 2014

Jesus TeachesThis is the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time: How do we understand authority? What does it mean to lead God’s people? How are leaders chosen? What qualities must a leader have? What role does faith have in choosing a leader? What role does faith have in “being” chosen to lead the people of God? Is authority a “service”? Our readings today will help us reflect on some of these questions.

Readings for this Sunday:

Your Generosity...

We have been able to assist 19 youth to attend the Hand in Hand Appalachia Mission trip and 3 faith enriching retreats this year through our scholarship fund.

What a great way to act on and learn more about our Catholic faith!

Ministry: Stewardship

Calling for Event Pictures for Epiphany’s Pictorial Directory

PhotographerNow that the first round of family photos has been taken we are beginning to focus on the full layout of our new Epiphany Pictorial Directory. We will include a number of introductory pages of pictures of events and activities in our community.  If you have pictures (digital only) of activities taken over this past year relating to Epiphany’s ministries, e.g. Community Care, Community Spirit, Formation, etc., please email them to Brayton Bowen

Pictures must be of high resolution for publishing purposes. Deadline for submission of pictures is September 12, 2014. Please note, space is limited, so there is no promise that your pictures will be included but every picture will be carefully considered. Thank you.

Day of Service a Great Success

ServiceOn Saturday, August 9, 2014 Epiphany celebrated a special Day of Service at places on and off campus.

  • [Click here] to see the various locations and activities that were offered.

A little damp weather didn't dampen the spirits of the many volunteers at Epiphany's Day of Service! Parishioners of all ages came together and accomplished so much in just one day: supported by prayer and food supplied by their fellow parishioners, they removed invasive plants and pruned vegetation on the Epiphany campus, they made burritos for the homeless, they helped with painting and organizing a community-based women's center, they helped homebound parishioners with tasks at home, and they washed donated eyeglasses destined for people around the world who have never had glasses before.

Christmas in July returns to Epiphany – Thank You

Christmas in JulyOn July 19 and 20, 2014 the Epiphany Backside Ministry (EBM) and Men of Epiphany (MOE) co-hosted an annual appeal to the Community for financial support on behalf of the workers and their families, living and working on the Backside of Churchill Downs.

Donations enable Epiphany’s volunteers to minister to the workers throughout the fiscal year, from July of 2014 until June 30 of 2015. Specific needs include boots and winter coats for the workers, toys for the children at Christmas, meals (served by Epiphany volunteers at least 4 times a year), food for the kitchen pantry, and classroom supplies.

[Click here] to see more photos of the celebration.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: August 17, 2014

Cannanite WomanThis is the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Diversity. What a loaded word. We see bumper stickers that say “celebrate diversity.” In our diverse community here at Epiphany we often speak of the value “unity in our diversity.” If we look deeply into this reality, however, the challenges come forth. For diversity is often related to those other words, “division” or “different.”

We sing our psalm today, “let all the nations praise you.” This is a call to celebrate a unity too. And what is that unity that we pray for? The psalmist tells us what it means: All the nations rule their people with equity! All on the earth are guided by God. A pretty bold and laudatory call. For what do we see today but division. Nations at war, persecution of the other, be it from religion, race, fights over resources, debasement of people for their difference, be it tribe, class, status, gender, sexual orientation, or just those differences over who has land, water, money, power or just security.

Help Us Make Healing Blankets

Healing BlanketWhat: Creating Healing Blankets

When: August 14, 2014, 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Where: Community Center

Looking for a new way to use your time and talent? The healing blanket ministry needs some more people who like to sew. There are other opportunities to help out as well as sewing: i.e., fabric laundering, fabric cutting, blanket folding, ironing, booklet assembly, etc.

Come join us Thursday, August 14th from 10 AM to 2:30 PM in the Community Center to see what wonderful things we do! Don’t forget to bring your lunch.

Ministry: Healing Blanket

Sign Up Now for Pictorial Directory Sessions in September

Church DirectoryOur first series of photos, July 28-August 5 for the new Photo Directory was a huge success. We photographed approximately one third of our goal of 800 parishioners. This could never have happened without the many volunteers who served to welcome parishioners and assist them in filling out the form for the photographers as well as updating the parish census information that each family had previously submitted.

We will now begin online sign-ups August 11 for the next round of pictures to be taken in September.


Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: August 10, 2014

ElijahThis is the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Where is God? The first reading answers the question in a new way for the Israelites. Elijah is waiting for the fulfilment of the message, “the Lord will pass by.” Believing the message, Elijah seeks God in the grandness of nature. After all, this is the Lord that will be present. Earthquake, strong winds, fire passed in turn. However, it wasn’t until a “tiny whispering sound” that Elijah knew God was present. In response, Elijah “hid his face in his cloak”.

To understand the depth of today’s first reading, let us look at another story of Elijah. As is the norm, Elijah the prophet had a tough time. His message is not popular. He fights the worship of false idols instead of the true worship of God. At one point he offers a test: Two altars are built. Two sacrifices prepared. Prophets of Baal are invited to ask their gods to burn the sacrifice. Nothing happens. Before asking God to send fire on his sacrifice, Elijah saturates the slaughtered animal with water. His prayers bring fire that consumes not only the added water and sacrifice but the stones as well.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: August 3, 2014

Loaves and fishesThis is the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Our readings this weekend are rich! We see that the heart of Christianity lies in “relationships”: God’s relationship with us…our relationship with one another…our relationship with God. During our growing season (summer) these readings impact. We can delight ourselves in “rich food,” fruit of the earth which we ourselves can plant and harvest. Through the power and love of God we have the ability to feed those who hunger. (Epiphany’s custom of collecting nonperishables and bringing them to the altar at the Offertory; Epiphany’s ‘grow an extra row of vegetables’ for the poor.) We have the ability to change systems that keep people hungry e.g. working with EACM and other agencies. As God satisfies our needs, we in turn must be ready to satisfy the needs of our neighbor both close by and afar. Our nourishment comes through the ministry of others.

Readings for this Sunday: